Zimmer enPuls 2.0 Radial Shockwave Unit Next Generation

$ 9,999.99 $ 8,999.99

The enPuls Version 2.0 is a new radial shockwave therapy machine from  Zimmer MedizinSysteme and designed for maximum ease of use

enPuls Version 2.0 shockwave machine is a Mobile radial shockwave therapy system with ballistic, high-energy pulses. For treatment of biological tissues and structures in various pathologies and medical conditions. Unique, easy-to-use system offering shockwave therapy access to all therapists.


  • Fast and effective therapies
  • Interface makes it easy to use and learn
  • Soft shot technology is less painful for patients
  • No messy air compressor to maintain
  • Premium, Platinum Service Warranty


  • Max Pressure of 185 mJ (5 bars)
  • Max Energy 22 Hz
  • User Interface: Full colour touch screen
  • On screen treatment instructions are fully integrated
  • Include aluminum transport case
  • Hand piece warranty is 2 Million shots

enPuls 2.0 comes with travel case and a hand piece

Made in Germany